Our Story

Once upon a time…there was a boy who liked to drink red wine and a girl who liked white wine. And that story could take several different turns. The short version is simply that. Mike prefers red, Alana prefers white wines. This was the inspiration to form our logo.

We started visiting wineries and discovering our favorite wines about 15 years ago. We value the memories and friendships created by stopping in at wineries, wine shops, and wine bars in several states. We’ve been fortunate to talk with owners, vintners and wine makers. Not every experience was over the top and some wines didn’t land on our favorite list, but we have loved every minute of our social hobby. The time we spent together talking and laughing has kept us close as a couple. We have friendships and memories with other people that are the unexpected and wonderful results of our adventures.

VinAmi started as conversations over wine with friends and a vision to create a place of gathering to sample unique wines from all over the world. We saw an opportunity to promote and become part of an industry featuring spectacular flavors and agriculture. We have sampled excellent wines that deserve to be shared with friends to create memories. We have experienced top notch service in places least expected. Our vision became the combination to offer both in Zanesville. Our goal is to create a relaxed and social atmosphere with food and wine. We have selected wines tasted by us and are unique with high quality. We offer a boutique style experience with personalized service in a welcoming atmosphere encouraging you to enjoy a glass or share a bottle and small plates. We hope to be recognized as good at a few things but not an expert at everything. We strive to get it right for our friends. If we don’t, please kindly tell us what you expect and we will do our best to exceed your expectations.

VinAmi…Wine & Friends…just as it should be!

No deadlines, no rush, no stress…just enjoy!