Tapas Menu

Chips n Salsa$4
Mike’s Recipe, not too spicy…just right!
Popcorn, herbed$4
Freshly popped with oil, herbs and fresh parm
Baguette with Dipping Oil$4
Warm half loaf with herb dipping oil or balsamic/cheese blend
Wine Trail Mix$4
Great flavors of sweet, salty, nuts and crunchies
Chili Lime w/ Sunflower Seeds; or Asian flare w/ Sesame Seeds
Marinated Olives$5
Olive blend with herbs
Baguette with Herbed Cheese$6
Warm half loaf with Boursin cheese rolled in fresh herbs
Alana’s recipe with fresh parsley, parm and a breadstick
Carnitas & Cumin Lime Slaw$9
Slow cooked pork on open face shells…you’ll need a fork!
Hummus Trio, Veggies & Naan$10
Traditional, Roasted Pepper, Jalapeño, Cilantro….made here
Vegan Board
Humus, Baguette, Olives, Nuts, Dried Fruit, Sautéd Veggies
Cheese board$12
Cheese (soft, semi, hard) fruit, nuts, baguette
Anitpasto Board with Veggies/Nuts$14
Cheese, meats, olives, roasted veggies and a few extras served with baguette.
Charcuterie Board$15
Meat and cheese and a few extras served with baguette